Upcoming Silk Workshops - 2017


Cecile's Studio - Toowoomba

Silk Painting Workshops for Beginners & Intermediate


Lamp Shade making Workshops, Option


When:                    Saturday & Sunday     19th &20th August (Closed)

                       Friday & Saturday  22nd & 23rd September(Closed)


              Friday & Saturday  24th & 25th November



   Studio Workshops available by appointment:

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''Creative Silk Painting & Beyond Workshops'

Would you like an introduction to the fascinating art of silk painting? You don't need any kind of art experience to do this workshop! I will guide you through the basics, and I even provide designs for you to use so you don't have to stress out about drawing. You'll have fun, learn something new.


Not all of us are artists. But all of us can paint, sculpt, draw, sketch and do some forms of an artsy thing, on varing levels. Some of us are just naturally more gifted than others, but it doesn't matter. If you enjoy it, do it. You really don't have to make a living out of it, and if you are unsure as to whether you might enjoy it, still do it. Not only is there a possibility that you might like it, but also a possibility of making your mentally healthier. Yes, you heard it - mentally healthier. Research has shown:


Art can improve overall health and well-being, by offering a form of distraction,

improving self-identity and providing a social network to those which chronic illness.

Making art can significantly reduce stress levels, regardless of artistic talent or experience.


 Everyone is creative and can be expressive in the visual arts when working in a supportive setting


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